Global paper source is dedicated to find your needs and best match you to the perfect paper for you application. we have over 30 years of experience in paper of all grades, machinery,recycling, logistics and fibers.


With our various warehouses in North and South America, we can service all clients small and large to help them convert a single line of product or a diverse range of products under various brands. With our top of the line converting machinery, we can create products at low cost and premium quality.



Our decades of experience will find the perfect paper for your application. we are specialists in all grades of paper from printing grades, corrugating grades, tissue grades and specialty grades.
We will find the perfect source with consideration of pricing, transit time, quality, volume and geopolitical forces.


Recovering fibers is a vital part of any paper business. We are recyclers of FBB, OCC, Tissue, Kraft Sack, Polycup (printed and unprinted), in North and South America. We supply our recycled fibers to our many allies around the world on an ongoing, long term basis.

For those mills requiring virgin fibers we leverage our brokering and converting sides of the business to find a great pricing for virgin fibers so that your firm can stay competitive.


Our hands on experience in buying, shipping, installing, operating, and reselling machinery makes us the perfect partner for all of your machinery needs. If you need upgrades, new-to-you machinery or brand new machinery we can assist.

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Our small team will match you with the perfect person for any of your inquiries or needs. We are available through mail or phone based messengers.